Cars and trucks are a great medium for expressing yourself through customization and the addition of custom parts. You can add body panels, grills, tires, or wheels to your vehicle to really make it stand out and show the world who you are. When you get really to start adding parts, make sure you do some research to ensure they will work together then have fun showing the world how you think your car should look.

Custom Grills

There are many grill options for cars and trucks alike. Checking with a parts supplier like Parts Max would be a good way to see what's available. If you do some research into the options, you will find paintable ABS plastic grilles, chrome grilles, and even hi-tech carbon fiber grilles. Pick out one that best suits your theme or design idea then show it off to the world. Install a replacement grille is not too difficult but if you run into trouble, check with a body shop as they will know how to disassemble the grille.

Fenders and Flares

If you are adding wide, low profile tires to your car, aftermarket fenders are available with a little wider lip on them so they will extend out over the wider tire. The fenders may be steel or they may be fiberglass but in either case, they should be able to bolt onto in place the of the original fender without too much work. Paint them to match the car and they will look great.

Wings and Spoilers

While mostly decorative in nature, there are a lot of different styles of wings and spoilers on the market to add to your custom car as well. You can get functional units as well and many of them are made from that same ABS plastic that can be easily painted to match your car or another color of you desire.  There are chrome and carbon fiber wings and spoilers available as well if that is more your taste or style.

Full Widebody and Other Kits

If you really want to go full out custom on your car, there are complete kits that will offer custom fenders, hoods, grilles, spoilers and all the lower body panels you need to make the car really stand out. Paint all the parts before installing the kit, bolt it on and you can completely alter the look and feel of the car. Add some tires, rims, a few decals and next thing you know, you will be turning heads everywhere. When it comes to customizing your car or truck, the parts available are nearly endless and if you can't find what you need, you can have a body shop alter the panels for you.