A liner is a perfect way to protect the bed of your truck, no matter how you use it.  Whether you use it for work or play, a liner can prevent costly damage to your pickup.  There are two main options for bed liners, either drop in bed liners or spray on bed liners.  Each has its benefits and disadvantages, and below are a few reasons you might want to consider one or the other.

Drop In

Drop in bed liners are rigid, tough pieces that are inserted into the bed of the truck and attached.  One big benefit of these kinds of liners is that they are removable.  Whether they become worn or damaged over time or just are no longer needed or wanted, they can be easily removed.   They're also somewhat thicker and tougher than spray-on liners, on average.  Drop in liners are also usually easier to install than spray on liners.  They can be cheaper than spray on bed liners, if for no other reason than they don't have as much need for professional installation.

Spray On

Spray on liners are a relatively thin coating of a watertight material applied directly to the stock truck bed.  These liners protect well from dirt, debris and water damage where a drop-in liner allows these materials to migrate beneath the liner.  This can be particularly damaging when it comes to sand and saltwater.  These liners, since they are bonded directly to the bed of the truck, don't bounce, move, or vibrate while driving, leading to less noise.  They also tend to be lighter than drop-in liners, due to the thickness.  While not a tremendous weight savings, if weight is an issue, it may matter.  These liners also come in more colors and textures than drop-ins, as each drop in needs to be fit to a specific model and trim of truck, and spray on can work for any truck bed.  Additionally, spray on liner can be applied on bedrails and the tailgate, or other areas, where a drop in fits only in the bed.

There are situations where either may excel and only you know the requirements for your truck.  Either version can be installed by yourself or by a professional, though in many cases, spray on liners, in particular, are better applied by a professional to get the proper installation and avoid mess and damage.  Either choice will protect your truck from wear; the choice is yours.

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